Full Stack DevOps Engineer (m/f)


What we do and know

We support our customers and partners to integrate our software into theirs and into their environment. We develop, maintain and configure web applications and the infrastructure they run on - no matter if they are build with Javascript especially React.js and ES6 or Ruby on Rails. When hosting applications for our customers we use Amazon Web Services - so we work with different services of AWS on a daily basis and learn something new every day. We know our way around Linux, MacOS and even a little Windows. Of course we also know our products and their SDKs.

We also help our co-workers with their hard- and software. We train our customers and co-workers to use our software - being it developers using our SDK or end users editing their websites or communicating with their customers.

Your New Mission

You have a passion for helping people, debugging and fixing (other peoples) code and developing software. No matter if you have the talent and are still on the way to become a development guru or if you already are a professional and want to achieve the next level: In this job, you will work together with a world class team of developers who share your passion for software development in general and JavaScript development in particular. We are looking for JS developers, Ruby developers and DevOps engineers.

Your Responsibilities

  • You design, code, launch and maintain interactive applications, you also debug and sometimes fix what others developed

  • You deploy these applications to AWS and make use of its services ecosystem
  • You'll monitor and automate deployment tasks and are responsible for scalability and availability
  • You learn from your team as well as keep yourself up to date in software technologies
  • You create web applications for companies and organisations worldwide
  • You help our clients to improve their websites and applications, their digital communication and to digitalize their organisations in order to adapt to today's fast-paced digital world
  • You work within an agile team

Your Experience

  • Building, maintaining and optimizing web applications

  • Advanced knowledge of Ruby on Rails
  • Proficiency in JavaScript (especially React.js and ES6) is a plus
  • Designing and working with APIs for web services
  • Deploying web applications on cloud services (especially AWS) and using their service oriented offerings
  • Working knowledge of search technologies (such as ElasticSearch), databases (SQL and NoSQL) and web development (HTML5/CSS3) with modern frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, …)
  • Experience with content management systems and/or e-commerce solutions is a plus
  • Building software as part of a distributed test-driven agile DevOps team, including code reviews, feature branching, continuous integration, etc.
  • English language skills are at minimum intermediate level, both written and spoken, preferable better
  • We care about talent, skills, and continuous self improvement and not how you've acquired these qualities – university, code school or self-thought. None of us knows and does everything mentioned above.

The Team

The support team currently consists of 5 people - each of us has their special niche withing our team. You will not only work with us and our customers, but also support our project and product development teams. This keeps you away from dull routine and just being a cog in the machine. We work agile only. As a team member, you'll have the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to various ongoing tasks and new projects. You can also switch between teams, if you like.

Job Vacancies: Wrolcaw or Berlin

Account Manager (m/f) 

Senior React Developer (m/f) 

React Native Developer (m/f)

Web Developer/Designer (m/f)

Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f)
Polski | English

JavaScript Developer (m/f)
Polski | English

Full Stack DevOps Engineer (m/f)
Polski | English

Working student or part time employee for reception (m/f) 

Working student for software developing (m/f)

Internship in software developing and project work (m/f)

Apprenticeship as a IT-specialist for application development (m/f)

College Graduates & Trainees (m/f)

If you are interested send us your documents as an application via PDF using our form.

Your Contact

Erika Schaknowski
Human Ressources

Infopark Group GmbH
Kitzingstraße 15
12277 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 747-993-0