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Infopark is located in Europe’s most important tech-hub, Berlin, but works all over the world. Founded in 1994 by two students, Infopark keept its start-up vibes while growing to a solid and proven corporation under German law. We are not financed by any 3rd party. Infopark has been accompanying its customers in the digital transformation for more than 20 years now and has helped their customers to become enthusiastic about the web. Organizations from many industry sectors put their trust in our web-based solutions. From the strategy to the implementation, Infopark offers high-quality service and realizes professional Internet presences and extensive web projects based on Infopark’s platforms, frameworks and software products. 70+ employees are working for the success of our customers in the web. We organize trainings and conferences to transfer our knowledge and are always on the lookout for good, new team members. People usually stay with us for many years.

> 70 Employees
∞ Kicker Matches
> 1000 Web Projects
> 150 B2B Customer
> 80 Ruby Gems
4 Software Products 

                                                            Shaping the Web Together

Your working place is wherever you and your laptop are. Infopark provides all the tools you need to work digitally. Our offices are open and mixed. You choose your place yourself and can change locations any time to suit your needs.

We think high-quality, well-equipped laptops are important for all our staff. After all, we never forget that our employees are the most important part of our corporate success.

We use the best - everywhere!

We keep an eye on current trends and test innovations. If you want to develop top-notch solutions for the Internet, you have to be willing to constantly learn, so as to improve. That is why Infopark supports your expertise and personal development by means of interesting projects, internal exchange of know how, numerous trainings and congresses.

In our events experts from the field visit us and provide us with knowledge of the latest trends in design, development, technology, business development and project management.

Training is a must. Knowledge transfer occurs across projects. At Infopark you get to know the latest technology and project methods.
Dealing respectively with one another is important to us. Infopark promotes an open communication in the company and leaves every employee space for his/her personality. In our agile company with our flat hierarchies, you quickly learn to take on responsibility.

You will meet teams that are characterized by friendly, supportive colleagues. That aids you in learning from the experiences of others, but also helps you learn to assert yourself! That works so well, because we frequently get together for activities outside of the office. 

We like to party together and stay fit together. Our parties are renowned. At Infopark you will find pleasant people for running, cart driving, football, volleyball, table tennis or foodball games. We provide vitamins, beverages and a real work-life balance - flexible working hours and home office are standards.
With our products we develop first-class solutions for the Internet.

We use our products ourselves and help others to do so as well. Renowned companies from every field and government institutions use our innovative solutions. Infopark provides you with the opportunity to prove yourself and to realize ideas.

At Infopark you will find yourself in an environment that will inspire you to learn quickly and realize interesting web projects.

People from all over Europe work at Infopark. All our staff can speak German and English, but many other languages as well. Nevertheless, English is the language of choice for our software services that we offer worldwide through the Internet.

Our entire technical equipment can be used mobily via the Internet - in your home office, at Infopark, on another continent or "way out in some undiscovered corner of a completely out of fashion prong of the western spiral of the galaxy".

Infopark is the perfect size. 

The company is small enough so that all the staff know one another. That way we are able to react to any needs without a lot of red tape.

The company is large enough to finance itself and to successfully realize projects, because we have been selling software products, services and projects for 20 years now.

With 70 employees, Infopark is a medium-sized enterprise that is managed professionally. As a publicly-traded company, we are subject to stringent oversight. Our business principle is characterized first of all by sustainable stability and secondly by moderate risk-taking. The three founders still work in the company.

Infopark not only develops top-notch software for the Internet, but solutions in the cloud as platform as a service and software as a service. We are convinced that the cloud will change the world even more than the industrial revolution did. The cloud is the Internet with infinite services. The cloud is its own eco-system that is changing our society, working processes and business models.

We want to be a part of this new world and to shape it.

With Berlin, we have a location in a very vivacious city. Berlin combines urban density with a high quality of life and a great cost of living. The city has a large selection of inexpensive as well as exclusive living areas.

There is a wide range of cultural and leisure-time activities. Berlin's innumerable parks and attractive  environment offer many types of recreation if you wish to pursue sporting activities or just want to chill.

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We’re offering a modern working environment with flat hierarchies, lean structures and no fixed office hours, allowing remote work from everywhere using tools like Slack and Trello. We are not a chaotic start-up with long hours of overtime, but rather prefer teamwork, clear structures and responsibilities - yes, we’re German :-). People usually stay with us for many years. We believe in a friendly, collaborative and educational working environment, and always strive for excellence.

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