Students for Software Development (m/f)


We are seeking students for software development (m/f)!

Infopark has been shaping the success of its partners in the web for two decades now. Today we are a young platform provider and assist our partners in the development of dialogue-oriented websites with Ruby on Rails.

At Infopark we are the first CMS manufacturer to offer the possibility to develop and operate websites in the cloud. The Infopark product is a platform consisting of CMS, WebCRM and infrastructure. It is provided as RubyGem and as REST-API and subsequently completes the RoR Stack for professional developers. Our innovative Cloud Stack has already won numerous German and European awards.

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What is waiting for you at Infopark?

  • The further development of our platform and for the development of innovative solutions for our customers.
  • You work on our customer projects and take an active role in their further development.
  • Learn directly from Infopark's developers about the cloud architecture and design their use at companies and organizations.
  • Ca. 20 working hours per week.

What should you bring to the table?

  • Preferably studies in information technology or similar
  • Interest in Ruby on Rails
  • Know-how in software development in Unix, including knowledge of at least one script language
  • Enthusiasm for new technologies and ideas
  • Open and results-oriented manner
  • Experience with agile software development advantageous.

How would your digital workplace look like?

Infopark offers a true digital workplace. Beside we have modern designed offices to meet and work, we don’t have fixed working hours and we don’t track work time or presence. You can work at home, with customers at their sites, at the office - whatever is appropriate. Therefore all employees are provided with modern equipment, such as MacBook Pros and iPhones. We collaborate with tools like Slack, Trello, Google Drive or Hangouts. The workplaces in our office are designed in a health-promoting way, can be individually adjusted and can be equipped with additionally screens, and other devices needed for design purposes. For environmental reasons we try to work as paperless as possible. We believe in a friendly, collaborative and educational working environment, and always strive for excellence.

What we can offer you.

  • Possible: Practice-oriented Bachelor's/ Master's thesis
  • Impact on the design and development of an innovative and award-winning software solution.
  • At events you will meet developers and consultants from other companies and are an active member of the Ruby on Rails Community.
  • With us you enjoy a modern working environment and modern gadgets.
  • A completely new office in Berlin - quiet zones, Hackbar, foosball and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Regular power hours, project glimpses and participation in events for Ruby on Rails, could architectures, etc.

Welcome to the Infopark team!

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