Infopark Know How

Assure your business model a digital advantage.

Infopark knows how to level up your project.
From 20 years of experience Infopark knows all the challenges of implementing complex web projects and the right solutions for making the projects faster, more efficient, less costly and more secure. Our customers profit from this experience. To do this we use the cloud because PaaS and Saas applications simplify the work, increase the efficiency, give the company leaner structures and provide unlimited scalability. High-performance websites with short realization times can only be managed with cloud solutions and agile development.

Ruby on Rails for Fast Implementation

Reduce development time for web projects significantly.

Web Services for modern Applications

Dynamic websites with scalable infrastructure.

SaaS Applications for Next Generation Websites

Profit from efficiency and scalability.

Frameworks for Applications

Save time and money in web development.

Agile Project Management in IT Projects

Greater benefits with less risk.

Content Delivery Networks 

Optimal load distribution and loading times.