Ruby on Rails for Fast Implementation

Reduce development time for web projects significantly.

Complete web projects quickly with Rails

The technological advances in the Internet have dramatically changed the pace of business and corporate processes. Web 2.0 has resulted in websites and web applications having to be updated to the state-of-the-art technology in increasingly shorter intervals.

Time is an important factor for these web projects as well as for completely new web applications. If completely new program code is written for the web development for the project, this generally results in longer development cycles until the realization is complete. In view of the possibility of programming errors and the testing, this may mean a project is costly and delayed.

The solution to this problem is frameworks like Java or Ruby on Rails which significantly reduce the developmment time for web projects by applying the existing code framework.

Why Ruby on Rails is the best solution for web development

For a framework to be truly effective for the realization of web projects it has to fulfill a number of requirements: The development should be completed as quickly as possible, the solutions with the framework should be robust and the effectiveness should be guaranteed during the development process.

According to a study conducted by the Free University of Berlin in collaboration with the Heise Verlag and the Open Source Business Foundation, Ruby on Rails significantly surpasses other frameworks in all three of these points. Following the principles of "Don't repeat yourself" and "Convention before configuration", the naming of objects adheres to fixed rules from which the interplay of objects automatically results. These fundamental rules lead to an efficient model-view-controller structure of the run-time environment with Ruby on Rails.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails for the realization of websites

  • Programming takes less time thanks to the Rails principles.
  • The framework is reliable and can be used for many areas of application thanks to the worldwide development work.
  • Years of experience with Ruby on Rails in connection with the modern solutions for content management, cloud services and the development of web applications assures the efficient and custom-made implementation of the web project in collaboration with our customers.
  • By connecting Rails with agile project management, websites can be realized quickly with sprints; websites that meet the requirements of our customers and those expected of modern websites and web applications.

Your development partner for Ruby on Rails

Infopark has been successfully using Ruby on Rails for years to realize modern websites and web projects that can be easily used by users, editors and employees.

How web projects are realized quickly with Ruby on Rails

Programming with Rails is performed in readily understandable, lean and tested code. On the one hand, this reduces the potential sources of error and on the other hand increases the stability of the web application right from the start. In connection with agile project management and sprints, websites and web applications can be completed quickly, securely and tailor-made to the individual requirements.

At Infopark, Ruby on Rails, together with our established solutions for content management and cloud services, form the basis for modern and stable web projects. From the website with our content management system solutions to the cloud services as platform as a service (PaaS), we use the Rails framework to realize every project quickly, reliably and customized to the individual needs.

Both in the new development of web applications as well as in the framework of a relaunch of websites, every project profits from Rails. The websites and web applications can be realized quickly, are scalable and high performing. In addition, the applications of content care and publication and dialogue applications are completely integrated, thus allowing users, staff and editors to work with it easily and intuitively.