Web Services for modern Applications

Dynamic websites with scalable infrastructure.

Inexpensive, scalable and secure: web services

Modern websites and web applications have to meet many requirements to remain competitive these days. The speed of working processes within companies has increasd dramatically in recent years. The boundaries between editing, marketing and customer relations management can no longer be drawn distinctly in websites or web applications.

For their web projects, companies frequently use their own data centers and an expensive IT structure that has to be managed and maintained by their own trained staff. The problem here is that the capacity of a traditional IT structure in the company is always set up so that peak loads can be serviced at any time. If less capacity is required capital is idle, because the companies infrastructure cannot be adjusted in the short term. The most cost-sensitive solution, as well as the one which most effectively meets the requirements of Web 2.0, is web services.

Why web services are the modern solution

Web services offer a number of advantages over traditional IT infrastructures. Web services provide a revolutionary solution to the problem described above of capacity planning: On the basis of cloud computing service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), companies always have the necessary capacity available.

With web services, companies significantly reduce their IT costs and can react flexibly to new requirements any time by means of elastic adjustments. The access times for the user are excellent as a result of the elastic web server infrastructure.

More than 100,000 companies in more than 190 countries worldwide use the modern and secure AWS structure for websites and web applications. And all of the services are extremely economical because only the actual use is invoiced.

Advantages of web services for websites and web applications

  • Low costs for hosting and operation because no investment is required for hardware. And there aren't any unused resources anymore, meaning no idle capital.
  • Web services provide greater data protection and improved data security and the cloud computing structure improves protection from attacks.
  • Thanks to cloud computing, no complicated tuning with the IT is required.
  • With the elastic adjustment of the necessary resources, every corporate requirement is optimally serviced by the web services.
  • Practically unlimited scalability, quick access times and improved basis for search machine optimization in web projects.
  • The project costs decrease with the individual customization of prefab services and open interfaces, which also simplifies adjustments to the websites.

Long-term and experienced partner

Infopark is a long-term and experienced Amazon Web Services Partner. For web projects and the full-service handling of our customers' websites and web applications, for example, we use the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), Elasting Computing Cloud (EC2), Simple Mail Service (SMS) or CloudFront as the content delivery network. We would be happy to advise you about AWS web services and the possibilities for your web applications.

How modern and secure web applications are realized with AWS

Amazon Web Services provides modern, stable and secure solutions for today's cloud computing. AWS is economical and cuts costs for the company's own IT structure. And only then do the wide-ranging opportunites with software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) become available.

The reduced costs and the improved efficiency of the working processes, for instance, for editing, IT, marketing or customer relations management are only two of the primary advantages of the cloud solutions.

AWS also represents the best platform with regard to data security and data protection, because all the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG - German Data Protection Act) standards are taken into consideration. Security standards such as  DIN/ISO 27001 or HIPAA regularly tested and certified at Infopark by external audits.  

We use AWS web services as the Infopark Elastic Web Platform for the full-service operation of our customers' websites and web applications. In addition, our own SaaS applications are based on web services and are taken into consideration for our customers' web projects.