SaaS Applications for Next Generation Websites

Profit from efficiency and scalability.

The next generation of websites: SaaS applications

It's no secret that the speed of business processes has increased dramatically in the last few years. And what holds for the corporate structure is even more true for the software for websites and web applications.

The software-related difficulties associated with this for companies are not only that a suitable software has to be found. Licenses have to be acquired for this and the necessary programs have to be installed on the individual computers. Then the software has to be updated at regular intervals and the licenses extended. And as a result of differeing software solutions, the editing components and marketing or customer relationship management, for instance, can rarely be efficiently connected with one another. Last, but not least, today's websites are no longer just static corporate presentations with the most basic information about the company and its services.

Modern websites are contact points for customers, contain community functions, integrate customer relationship management. They offer a variety of changing content and the opportunity to work on and maintain the website with an efficient content management system. SaaS applications are the efficient solution for websites of the next generation. Thanks to cloud computing, software as a service – SaaS – is having a long-term impact on websites and web applications.

Why SaaS applications are leading companies into web 2.0

Technological development is marching on: Cloud computing, mainly consisting of infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service, is the current state-of-the-art technology for efficient IT structures and web applications.

The consequence for companies is that modern websites and web applications are increasingly being realized with cloud computing and SaaS solutions. As numerous studies have shown, the portion of companies that consider software as a service to be an interesting alternative for their company is constantly increasing and is already more than 40 percent.

SaaS sollutions simplify the work, increase the efficiency and streamline structures in the company – no more licensing packages and no loading of software onto individual computers. The software is provided by cloud computing and additional services are available, for instance, for IT infrastructure, maintenance and data security.

Advantages of SaaS for customer relationship management

  • Cost-saving on-demand solution because no software licenses are needed and the IT structure can be streamlined.
  • The software can be used universally, and thanks to centralized cloud computing, the software can be accessed through a browser, independently of the user's location.
  • The efficiency of the working processes is optimized because, for instance, with the appropriate access rights, customer data are available to every employee throughout the company.
  • Modern steering of marketing measures through SaaS applications thanks to a multitude of possibilities for integration.

Your partner for successful SaaS solutions

Infopark offers modern, cost-saving and scalable SaaS solutions. We would be pleased to advise you on the individual and efficient opportunities of SaaS applications. We are confident you wil be convinced by the advantages and use cloud computing and software as a service to conduct the digital transformation of your company.

How software as a service functions as a solution for efficient processes

With Infopark's SaaS solutions, our customers obtain the next generation of websites. These websites reduce the IT infrastructure and working processes are adapted to the new requirements - editing, marketing and customer relations management can be efficiently connected with one another through SaaS applications. With a WebCRM as the integration for the content management system, it is possible to, for instance, access campaign, query and event management on demand in addition to the operative customer relationship management.

This means that the customer communication, marketing measures  such as e-mail, calls or newsletters as well as helpdesk and call center support are all available in one software. For access, employees require nothing more than a current browser, regardless of the operating system. The software for the customer relationship management can also be flexibly configured.

SaaS applications make working processes more efficient and, thanks to numerous integration options, companies are setting themselves up optimally for today's – and the future's – digital transformations.