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Platform as a service for professional websites in the cloud

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Scrivito is a cloud-based JavaScript CMS, built for digital agencies and medium to large-sized businesses.

  • No IT expenditures, 100% cloud service
  • Complete control of the layout
  • High data security and protection
  • Fair pricing model (pay per use)
  • Quick support & comprehensive documentation
  • Used by startups and large companies
  • Drag and drop content anywhere, WYSIWYG style
  • Reusable pages

  • Working copies for collaborative editing and backups

  • Versatile Content Browser for organizing all your media
  • Easy-to-use image processing integrated
  • Integrated CDN (content delivery network)
  • Supports Bootstrap, Foundation and other frameworks
  • Multi-facetted API
  • Auto saving as you type
  • Customizable permissions

Advantages at a glance

Built for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.

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Thanks to our secure serverless approach, you can say goodbye to patching and security updates and focus on developing. 
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Zero Maintenance

Scrivito is 100% maintenance free, you’ll never need to update your servers, because you don’t need any. Our team is constantly monitoring, managing and developing to ensure your site is always safe, secure and available - we’re doing all the hard work for you, so you can focus on what you're best at.
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Extendable & flexible

Scrivito leverages cutting-edge technologies like Facebook’s ReactJS. You can build sites immediately, and with a little knowledge of HTML & Javascript, you have complete freedom to create anything.
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Cost Effective

Scrivito is a complete solution, enabling you to build the next generation of websites whilst providing a flexible model so you only pay for the resources you need.
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Great Usability

With Scrivito, you can place content directly on the site, exactly where you want. Thanks to our modular widget approach, editors can flexibly build pages without calling a developer all the time.
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Working Copies

With legacy solutions, you have to maintain multiple installations for development, staging, production, ...

With Scrivito's working copies you have complete control to collaboratively edit your websites across your team, without impacting your live site.
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For editors

About In-Place Editing

What is in-place editing, and how does it work? Learn about Scrivito’s editing controls like the top panel, the sidebar, and widgets.

Published Content & Working Copies
Working copies are for adding and editing content. Learn about the changes list and the working copy controls in the sidebar.

Working with Pages
Learn about the basic and advanced functions available in the page menu like creating, duplicating, copying and moving pages.

Using Widgets
Widgets are building blocks for all kinds of content you can place and freely arrange on pages. Here’s how to use them.

Working with Resources
Scrivito's Content Browser is a powerful tool for managing content. It lets you set the properties of objects in the CMS, supports filtering, searching and tagging, allows you to edit images, and much more.

Editing Page and Widget Properties
Pages and widgets have properties associated with them, e.g. a background color or image, or SEO-related data. Learn how to set properties using the built-in editors.

Transferring Changed Content
Learn how to publish just some of the changes that were made in a working copy by transferring them to a different working copy.

Handling Intermediate Changes
Concurrent changes to content in different working copies require your attention when publishing them. Here’s how to discard, override, or merge edits that were applied in parallel.

Using the Publishing History
You can access previously published working copies, e.g. to revert unwanted changes, either completely or selectively. Here’s what Scrivito’s publishing history has in store for you.

Sharing a Working Copy by Adding Owners
Learn how you can invite others into your working copy to collaborate with them.

Changing the Look of the Example App
This short tutorial demonstrates how the basic look and feel of the Scrivito example app can be customized without changing the code of the application.

For developers

Getting Started with Scrivito

Download, prepare and launch our Example App in just a couple of minutes.

Changing Colors in the Example App
Learn how to change Sass variables to customize the colors used in the Example App.

Adding a Sidebar to the Layout
A quick guide on how to change the page layout and add a widget list to it.

Adding an Option to a Widget
Enhancing a widget by adding attributes to it is easy – see how it’s done!

Creating a Custom Page Type
Learn how to have your page content rendered the way you want.

Creating a Custom Widget Type
Create your own widget type to have your special content displayed according to your needs.

Embedding Giphy GIFs
Learn how to access a remote service from within a widget.

Customizing Widget List Rendering
Need a list widget that lets you add widgets to each of its items?

Displaying a Product List from a Search
Create your own special overviews by performing a search and rendering the results.

Building a Child Navigation Widget
Learn about parent and child pages and how to render a navigation for them.

Introducing State to Widget Components
How to render page elements such as buttons depending on their state.

Creating a Form Widget that Saves the Input to a Google Sheet
You can have form contents sent via a Google script to an external service.

Posting Form Content to a Slack Channel via an AWS Lambda Function
Learn how to utilize remote services to stay serverless.

Using a Theme with the Example App
A guide on how to use your own or third-party CSS with a Scrivito-based app.

Content Security Policy (CSP) Guide
Learn how CSP can prevent malicious JavaScript code from being loaded.

SDK Cheat Sheet
A compilation of often-needed API functions. 

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