CMS Fiona

CMS for the implementation of interactive and dynamic websites

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  • Uncomplicated and fast tailor-made applications
  • From the corporate website through customer service to information portal
  • Easy in-place editing and widget concept
  • High performing & scalable
  • Separation of content and layout
  • Multi-website management and multilingual Internet sites possible
  • Integration of existing programs, XML, SOAP and Tcl interfaces
  • In-place editing of content and meta information
  • Widget-based contents
  • Assistants (Wizards)
  • File-specific access rights
  • Protocolling of all accesses, versions and archiving
  • Connector for use of standardized “Ruby on Rails” frameworks (Rails Connector)
  • Clients: Standard web browser, platform-independent
  • Cloud-ready: Future-safe setup available

Handle Web Content Easily: CMS Fiona7.

You can find more information, documentation and support on Fiona website.


Latest CMS Fiona and Rails Connector News

Enhancements, extensions, bugfixes, and release notes

Editing Content

How to operate the Content Navigator, i.e. the HTML user interface of Infopark CMS Fiona

Administration / Layout

Managing file formats, fields, workflows, etc. using the GUI. Layouts and the NPS markup language

Installation Instructions and Release Notes

System Requirements, Installation under Linux and Windows. Release Notes for the current version and previous versions of CMS Fiona

System Administration / Development

Configuring Infopark CMS Fiona. The architecture and the interfaces

Tcl interface Reference

The Tcl interface of the Content Management Server and the Template Engine.

Template Engine and Search Server

Exporting content and tuning the Template Engine. Functioning and configuration of Infopark Search Cartridge

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