WebCRM JustRelate

Customer care made easy with mailing, query and event management

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  • CRM as software-as-a-service
  • Marketing and customer management in the Internet
  • Seamless integration in the CMS
  • HTML user interface
  • Location-independent access via the browser
  • Categories such as accounts, persons, mailings, etc.
  • Integration of all communication channels such as e-mail, letters, calls, newsletter
  • Newsletter handling (generation, personalization, shipping, evaluation)
  • Helpdesk and call-center support, e.g. ticketing, status overview, form integration, support-case databank (FAQ)
  • Integrated complaint management
  • Participant administration, invitation writing and sending
  • Flexible configuration possibilities



User Guide

The basics, and Instructions on working with accounts and contacts, activities, events, mailings and much more (in the Dev-Center)

The Mailing Editor

The Mailing Editor is the latest step in the ongoing development of JustRelate – it lets you comfortably create mailings using the Scrivito CMS

Web Services (APIs)

Documentation of the web services for integrating JustRelate into any web application: API v1, API v2

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