Cloud CMS Scrivito

Platform as a service on the basis of Ruby on Rails, for professional websites in the cloud.

Scrivito: Cloud CMS for the next generation

Scrivito is a platform for developing and publishing websites. The cloud CMS contains everything that a professional, scalable website requires. With our services, as a developer, you can create personalized websites on the basis of Ruby on Rails. Your customers will be able to administrate their content and users with the Infopark CMS and Infopark WebCRM. These provide a holistic picture of your organization and your customers. Scrivito is easy to access, available immediately and free of charge for testing.

Scrivito advantages

100% Cloud Service

Unlimited scalability. High availability and always up-to-date.

Individually Expandable

Freedom in the project. Rails framework and REST-APIs provide open interfaces.

Certified Security

High-security data centers with distributed data storage – fulfills Federal Data Protection Act requirements.

Web Projects without Limits

Create and administer all the websites you want.


Innovative in-place editing. intuitive handling right on the website.

Costs: Fair & Transparent

User-based price models instead of high fixed costs. Monthly cancellation possible.

Online Marketing

Personalized websites. At the click of a button with integrated CMS and WebCRM.

Flexible & Sustainable

Anything goes. Suitable for large or small web projects.

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Scrivito has everything you need for your web applications


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Scrivito - Ruby on Rails CMS in the cloud.