Cloud Computing 

Unlimited scalability and high availability. Always up-to-date and absolutely secure. 

Websites in the cloud

Websites and web applications belong in the cloud. That's the best and most inexpensive way to maintain modern, dynamic, scalable websites. Successful websites and web applications must be fast, reliable and stable, and they must be accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. Infopark supports you in making your website successful, providing optimal web performance even with peak traffic, and that at a very inexpensive price, regardless of usage.

Amazon Web Services

Infopark uses Amazon Web Services to host and drive scalable and secure applications in the cloud. AWS has been available with its own data centers in Germany since 2014. For web projects and the full-service support of our customers' websites and applications we use, for instance, the AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), the Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Simple Mail Service (SMS) or CloudFront as content delivery network. 

System security even at peak loads

Content-rich and well-frequented websites are often confronted with access rates and peak loads that are very difficult to calculate. The scalability of the cloud architecture is especially important in such situations. Along with scalability, operating in the cloud (from Amazon) also offers the advantages of being highly available and great system stability. This concept assists customers in guaranteeing the operation of their website independently of their IT infrastructure.

Full service with Infopark cloud hosting

  • Infopark runs their powerful, highly dynamic and modern website and web application in a cloud environment, because that is the only economical way to go.  
  • The cloud solution results in inexpensive hosting costs while simultaneously providing dynamic scalability. Providing a comparable infrastructure would involve immense investments. 
  • Customers are able to use a state-of-the-art architecture at a relatively low price and realize web projects on the basis of the Infopark cloud solutions quickly and economically as a result of the high degree of prefabrication. 
  • Infopark offers a full-service package that also includes monitoring and analysis of the website along with the operation of the website in the AWS Cloud. 
  • A package of automatic services provides you with the exact status of any possible errors, performance, availability, servers and a visualization of server loads at any time. 
  • With a single click you can deploy your web application, or publish content, update the server configuration or activate or update applications and queue the servers in the load balancer. 

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Relief for the IT department

With the infrastructure as a service from Amazon, it is no longer necessary to make those cost-intensive investments in hardware that have to be customized for the specific requirements of the individual software producer. Beyond that, additional machines can be connected on demand which again significantly reduces investment costs. With the operation in the cloud, the ongoing support costs of the software run by the own IT department can be avoided.

Infopark AG as a strategic service provider has more than 20 years of practical experience with major projects in the web and more than 10 years of experience with cloud computing. Infopark is a long-term and experienced partner of Amazon Web Services. 

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