CMS Fiona 7.0.1

Friendly. Easy. Powerful. A CMS for producing interactive and dynamic websites.

Interactive and dynamic websites

Next to the renowned high performance of CMS Fiona in general, version 7 of the Infopark content management system offers many new options for implementing interactive and dynamic websites faster than ever.

With the combination of Ruby on Rails and Infopark's CMS Fiona, the layout and the functionality are designed and developed as a Rails application. The CMS manages the content, while Rails Connector for CMS Fiona integrates your application with the CMS.

The widget concept, based on true in-place editing, has been available since 2014 for version 7. It makes it possible to design completely new kinds of graphical user interfaces aimed at further easing the editors' daily work.

The combination of Infopark's practice-proven CMS with the modern Ruby on Rails framework makes developing scalable high-performance websites, that integrate content maintenance and publishing, quick and easy.

We also offer companies and organizations a cloud-based setup of CMS Fiona.

Tailor-made web applications

CMS Fiona combines targeted information handling with perfect integration of multiple country sites, micro-site and customer relationship management. The CMS's possibilities of developing tailored web applications can be used quickly and easily – from the corporate website to the customer service to the information portal.

Simple handling concept with in-place editing

CMS Fiona has a menu-oriented, clearly structured and pleasant graphical user interface. The user guidance is oriented on popular operating systems and standard applications. The consistent task orientation makes the learning curve easy without any expensive training. You can edit content directly from the preview mode.

In-place editing guarantees the quality is high by making the handling easy and providing precise layout control. Using "Action Markers", any function, e.g. scripts or help texts, can be directly inserted into the interface. Browsing through the preview is completely synchronized with the navigation and the personalization functions.

The widget concept takes the process of working directly in the content a step further. Here, the individual components – so-called widgets – are placed on the page and filled with content. They are pre-built, ready to be published after providing the content, reusable and extendable. And there are no limits to the features of a widget. It is possible, for instance, to insert entire picture galleries, videos or forms via drag & drop and without any programming knowledge.

Infopark CMS Fiona

Simple user concept: High user acceptance and quick project success

  • Navigator, user interface with clipboard functionality
  • Wizards that help in the content creation and editing process
  • Integration of existing programs
  • In-place editing of content and meta information
  • Edit Markers and Action Markers in the preview

Interfaces: Powerful and easy to integrate

  • Import of all popular file formats
  • Separation of content and layout
  • XML, SOAP and Tcl interfaces
  • Connector for the use of standardized Ruby on Rails frameworks (Rails Connector)
  • Multi-website management and multi-lingual websites

Secure: Reliable protection of sensitive data

  • File-specific access rights
  • Logging of all access; versioning and archiving

Development and platforms: Uncomplicated and flexible

  • Ruby on Rails development environment
  • Clients: Standard web browsers, platform independent
  • Cloud-ready: Future-ready setup available

Advantages of integrating Fiona 7 CMS with web customer relationship management (WebCRM)

Content presentation and customer interaction in the web are directly connected through content. Precise information about the interests and actions of the existing and new customers makes it possible to develop and apply targeted offers and marketing strategies. It is therefore recommendable to include important functions of customer relationship management at the editing level.

The WebCRM integrates all the important basic functions for customer relationship management, for instance:

  • Contact and account administration
  • Customer history management
  • Administration of expenses
  • Prospective client management
  • E-mail campaigns 
  • Ticketing system and customer care
  • Event management

Linking CRM and CMS in a single portal allows for personalized information handling and direct customer management right at the content management level. This accelerates the interaction, increases the service quality and subsequently customer bonding and satisfaction.

Savings potential

Using CMS Fiona provides benefits in many areas. The most important factors are:

  • Cost savings in the administration, editing and handling of web-based information systems
  • Increased productivity through corporate-wide integration of applications and automation of routine work
  • Quality improvement through multiple usage of content, consistent application of the corporate design, automatic link management, etc.
  • Reduction of risks through detailed control of the lifecycle of content and time-controlled publication processes

The joint administration of content for print and online alone makes it possible to easily save costs in the five-to-six digit range.

Request for offer

The licensing model of CMS Fiona is based on the number of concurrent users as well as the total number of processors with which the software is run.

This is the fairest licensing model for companies and organizations because it is based on the actual usage. 

Concurrent users (CU) is the maximum number of users that are expected to be simultaneously logged in as editors at a particular time (period between logging in and out).

To obtain an offer, please complete our form.

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Flexibility and future readiness

With CMS Fiona 7, we offer our clients the opportunity to operate websites professionally based on a WebCMS in the cloud. Cloud-based CMS services offer immense advantages which many of our SME customers are already profiting from today. For instance, it is possible to access additional capacity at the click of a button - it's all set to start working for you.

Have we piqued your interest in WebCMS and the cloud setup? Just complete our contact form and we'll be in touch. Would you like to know which CMS - classic or cloud-based - is best for you? Our service partners and we will be happy to assist you.


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