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Customer management made easy: Mailing, querying, event and list management

The easy way to manage customer data

Web customer relationship management (WebCRM) makes recording and managing customer data a snap and provides it to your business centrally. Every employee can access the data, keeping it completely up-to-date at all times. This simplifies the everyday use of the data for their customer relationships.

Internet marketing and lead management

Personalized mailings for your target groups and segments are easy with the WebCRM customer relationship management – including measuring the success of your Internet marketing activities. The sophisticated event management makes planning events a snap. You immediately see how many invitations have been accepted and can approach non-participants directly. With the query management you and your staff will finally have things under control. No more overflowing mailboxes. No marketing leads lost. The result? Holistic marketing in the Internet.

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Look and feel

  • HTML user interface
  • Accessible from anywhere with popular browsers
  • After logging in, all the WebCRM functions are instantly available
  • Categories like accounts, persons, mailings, etc.
  • Update account or personal data or check the impact of a mailing

Web-based customer care

  • Combination with content management (evaluation of visits to the website)
  • Automatic actions as reaction to visitor actions like downloading information 
  • Analysis of searches

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For your business: Run CRM on demand

If you already use CMS Fiona as your WebCMS, then we can offer you additional interesting opportunities for integration. With CMS Fiona 6.9.0, we offer our customers the option to also run the WebCRM as a software service (SaaS). Operating in the cloud offers immense advantages - which many of our SME customers are already profiting from today. You can access additional capacity at the click of a button and the capacity is then immediately available on demand. Would you like to know more about our software as a service? Just drop us a line, we will be happy to assist you!


User Guide

The basics, and Instructions on working with accounts and contacts, activities, events, mailings and much more (in the Dev-Center)

The Mailing Editor

The Mailing Editor is the latest step in the ongoing development of JustRelate – it lets you comfortably create mailings using the Scrivito CMS

Web Services (APIs)

Documentation of the web services for integrating JustRelate into any web application: API v1, API v2

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Campaign management: Control your web marketing activities

  • Supports all communication channels such as e-mail, printed mail, phone calls, newsletters
  • Integrated newsletter handling (creation, personalization, sending, evaluation)

Query management: Increased customer bonding through web-based customer service

  • Help desk and call center support, e.g. ticketing, status reports, integration of forms, support case database (FAQ)
  • Integrated complaint management
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Event management: Greater customer satisfaction and planning security

  • Participation management, creation and sending of invitations
  • On-site participation management
  • Badge printing, feedback recording, debriefing, etc.

Technical data

  • Interfaces allow for seamless integration with CMS Fiona and much more
  • Accessible anywhere via a web browser
  • Works with MacOS, Linux, Windows
  • Flexible configuration and types of delivery
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Have we piqued your interest in our CMS & CRM products? 

CRM - Easy way to manage your customer data.