Frameworks for modern web applications

Save time and costs

Digital solutions are becoming ever more important for business and working processes. Modern websites as well as web applications must nowadays fulfill other and greater demands than just a few years ago and time is an important factor. If the project calls for completely new program code in the web development, this generally means longer development times prior to complete realization. Along with the longer programming and project duration, programming errors and long test phases can put the brakes of the development.

The solution to this problem is frameworks such as  Java or Ruby on Rails, which by means of the existing code framework significantly reduce the development time for web projects.

Solutions: Dialogue in the web: mastering the challenges.
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Ruby on Rails and other frameworks

For a framework to be truly effective for the realization of web projects, it has to fulfill a number of requirements: The development should be performed as quickly as possible, the solutions with the framework have to be robust and the effectiveness has to be guaranteed during the development process.

Programming with Rails is in readily comprehensible, lean and proven code and characterized by the rules, "Don't repeat yourself" and "Convention before configuration". This reduces the potential number of errors and, on the other hand, increases the stability of the web application right from the start. In connection with agile project management and sprints, websites and web applications can be realized quickly, securely and as tailored to individual requirements.

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