Faster access to flexible and inexpensive IT resources

Full service in the cloud

Infopark helps you to take advantage of the enormous potential that the cloud offers to your digital business. We can already look back on more than 10 years of experience with cloud computing.

The cloud provides quick access to flexible and inexpensive IT resources. You can avoid extensive investments in hardware and do not have any expenditures for the administration of the hardware.

We develop the right future-oriented strategy for you and implement this with the most modern and best solutions. We accompany you in every step toward creating fast, inexpensive, highly scalable and secure websites in the web without investment costs.

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Infopark provides complete service that includes not only the operation of the website in the AWS Cloud, but also the monitoring and analysis.

A package with automated services provides you with a complete overview of any errors that occur, the performance, the availability, the server and a visualization of the service capacity at any time.

The Infopark system architecture uses, for example, the performance monitoring service from New Relic Inc. The service is provided for the monitoring of applications.

The deployment of contents is trivial for you - requiring only a click - that updates the server configuration, updates and activates the applications and puts the server in the load balancer.

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