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Professional support

Always available

We provide professional support for handling our products and solutions - at any time. With the ticket system, every customer is able to contact our trained staff for assistance using their Infopark ID. These are then handled as quickly as possible.

The knowledge base provides structured knowledge about our products and aids in the continued technical development. Here, you will find documentation, tutorials and other resources.

The live chat on our website is available for every user. Click on the bottom right of the bubble to start the chat.  Here you can find all of the ways you can contact us.

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“Extremely competent and profound knowledge, covered all the areas. Trainers deal with questions and problems; every problem was solved.”
Dr. Joachim Schiedt, Oestreicher + Wagner Medientechnik GmbH

“Very competent and rhetorically skilled trainers.”
Xenia Miedreich, PEPPERMIND - Digital Business Design

“The trainers have an excellent knowledge across the entire range of subjects (Rails, Ruby). Good communication.”
Christopher Eggert, TWT Interactive GmbH

Training for developers  & editors

We offer special training for Ruby on Rails and Infopark CMS products. Experienced colleagues provide a comprehensive mixture of theory and practical exercises. The groups are limited to 10 participants so as to guarantee personal support. By the end of the workshop, every participant will have developed their own application and customized the above-mentioned functions to their needs. Everry participant can take their tenant with them.

For editors: Communication of advanced skills for maintaining Infopark's CMS systems on the administrative level. This course deals with user and rights administration as well as workflows, templates and fields. In the beginning participants receive a comprehensive introduction, including specific extensions. Building on these basic skills, the participants learn to use and compile functions for the simplification and acceleration of the development and release processes..

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