Application Development

Individual solutions for optimizing business processes.

Solutions for digital transformation

Infopark has more than 20 years of experience in practical and effective approaches for the  development of customer-specific solutions. That means we can quickly and inexpensively develop modern, scalable software and application solutions for your specific issues.

Be it a matter of optimizing internal business processes or marketing products or services, we advise you of possibilities comprehensively and on the basis of years of experience. We implement solutions for your requirements with the aid of Ruby on Rails, SaaS applications and agile project management.

Optimize your business with solutions that are tailored directly to your needs. Infopark develops solutions for the digital transformation of your company.

Individual solutions for optimizing business processes.

Inexpensive and quick with agile methods

Infopark employs agile methods when developing their solutions. Agile project management has revolutionized and dramatically increased the pace of development and success of projects in recent years. Lean, agile teams develop solutions that previously were implemented by large teams with rigid hierarchical structures at significant risks. What was lacking until a few years ago was the proper technical environment that matched agile methods and concepts. No longer. With cloud solutions, a platform has been established that unifies agility and the cloud and makes projects highly effective and exciting.

With agile app development the software is continuously planned, tested and developed (adaptive process). This aims to provide an executable version of the software at the earliest possible time. That is why those requirements are implemented first that provide the greatest benefit with the least amount of effort. The version is then extended and refined with the regular approval of the customer until a satisfactory level is attained for everybody.

Benefiting from the latest technologies

In the development of web applications, Infopark uses the Ruby programming language or the Ruby on Rails framework which, compared to other frameworks or programming languages in the web field, uses astonishingly little source code or configuration files and therefore is best suited for inexpensive and stable development of complex technologies.  

Because constantly reinventing the wheel is expensive, Infopark uses other reliable frameworks to make it possible to further reduce costs and development time. For instance for web applications, Infopark uses Bootstrap and AngularJS. The use of  HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript guarantee efficient and flexible apps with greater performance and usability.


Tailor-made web apps

You cannot tackle special needs with standard software. Only a specifically designed app makes it possible to solve such issues efficiently, flexibly and oriented towards the exact needs and requirements. 

With more than 20 years of know-how, we advise you holistically and develop a perfect strategy and concept together with you. By means of constant feedback loops, you remain continuously involved and are able to form the developmental process, the design and the testing. This way, we'll find the solution that meets your needs 100% - together. 

Infopark AG, as a strategic service provider, has more than 20 years of experience in developing feature-rich applications and in realizing large website relaunch projects.

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