AWS Cloud Integration

We put you in the cloud and you save time and money.

Together with our Partner, Amazon Web Services, Infopark puts you in the cloud

Websites belong in the cloud. Only that way are scalable, dynamic, high-performance and secure websites possible.

The cloud offers quick access to flexible and inexpensive IT resources. You can avoid extensive investments in hardware and incur no costs for the administration of the hardware.

By contrast, you can have exactly the type and amount of computer power provided that the implementation of your project or the operation of your digital business requires. You obtain immediate access to as many resources as you need and only pay for what you use.

Infopark's cloud solution partner - AWS 

Core competence cloud computing

Infopark assists you in implementing the enormous potential that the cloud can provide to your digital business. We can already look back on more than 10 years of experience with cloud computing. 

We will develop the right future-oriented cloud strategy for you and implement this with the most modern and best solutions. We will accompany you through all the steps to develop highly scalable and secure websites in the cloud - quickly, inexpensively and without investment costs.

The basis for this is our practical and future-oriented approach that has already been successfully applied in more than 600 projects. 

We put you in the cloud and you save time and money.

Components of an ideal Infopark cloud solution

With the relaunch of a website by Infopark, the project is realized on the basis of the platform as a service (PaaS) provided by Infopark and operated in the public cloud (Amazon Web Services - EC2/ELB/S3/CloudFront).

Ruby on Rails is used as the web application framework. This optimally supports the requirements for modern, dynamic websites while simultaneously providing an agile method in the development.

The WebCRM provides the website with the perfect integration of portal functions, customer relationship management and online marketing. It also assumes the functions of a powerful newsletter system and offers event and query management.

cloud laptop

Advantages of an Infopark cloud integration

Quick access and scalable operation

With the quick access and scalable operation of websites and applications, you can react to demand spontaneously and without an initial investment. 

Elastic cloud computing

Infopark and AWS make it possible for you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes. If necessary, you can commence operation of thousands of sever instances at the same time. Your application is automatically scaled thanks to the control by the web service APIs.

A single contact

Infopark is your cloud partner with years of experience and provides you everything from a single source: Strategy, implementation and operation in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS model combined with a powerful CMS and CRM system.

Selecting the right applications

AWS offers a huge selection of applications that can be provided at the click of a button, for instance, databases, application servers, content delivery network, etc. Infopark will compile the right configuration for you.

Quick reaction time

Preconfigured applications, unlimited scalability and automatic deployment make it possible to react immediately to any request without any lead time. 


Always available

The secure and reliable operation with an availability of 99.95 % is guaranteed by a data center in Frankfurt. Amazon EC2 provides a reliable environment in which replacement instances can be quickly  put into operation.

Highest security

The Amazon Cloud infrastructure has been designed in accordance with the latest standards as one of the most flexible and securest cloud computing environments. With AWS you always retain possession of your data and have complete control over them.

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