Development, optimization, and operation of feature-rich and dynamic websites of the next generation

Core competence: relaunching websites

Infopark AG is specialized in developing, optimizing and operating the next generation of feature-rich, dynamic and personalized websites and web projects.

From the definition of requirements through the strategy to the turnkey web project on the basis of our CMS and WebCRM software, our customers obtain everything from a single source.

Our solutions integrate software and platforms as a service, content management, online marketing, application development and consulting for future-oriented websites and portals with an optimal customer experience.

With a continuous optimization process, Infopark assures that your website is always state-of-the-art in all disciplines.

Development, operation and optimization of the next generation of complex and dynamic websites.

Relaunch with the right strategy

The requirements for a website have changed significantly in recent years. The reason for this, above all, has been the breakneck pace of technological development which allows for a multitude of new possibilities for using the Internet.

Beyond that, the users of a website demand ever-expanding interactions and services for the exchange of information. 

The consequence is constantly increasing challenges for a modern website. These include constant availability, high flexibility and performance, high security standards and simple usability of the website. 

Infopark develops the right, future-oriented web strategy for you, and implements it with the latest technologies. This promise is based on a practical and future-oriented approach that has already been successfully applied in more than 600 projects.

Development and optimization of websites.

Continuous relaunch

A major relaunch every three to five years is out-of-date and falls into the trap of being time-consuming and costly – classics for big, long-term projects.

And when the project is finally completed, it is already well on the way to obsolecence. Trends in the fields of usability, design, SEO or new technical requirements have to be implemented quickly.

Only continuous optimization of the website with integrated resource planning can assure that the website is always up-to-date and includes the latest technologies and solutions.

This does, however, require rethinking the design and implementation of web projects. Instead of thinking in terms of major projects, smaller repetitive tasks need to be planned. With these constant extensions it is possible to save a lot of time and money, because it doesn't require starting a new design phase for every change.

Our consultants collaborate with you to determine how you can establish a continuous relaunch in your digital business and what processes and methods you should apply to develop to that level. 

Infopark AG is a strategic service provider. We have more than 20 years of experience with major relaunch projects in the web.

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