Digital Solutions

Tailor-made solutions for more success in the web.

Solutions: Dialogue in the web: mastering the challenges.
Only a permanent positive user experience makes web applications successful. All business relevant processes have to be integrated into the website so that a personalized user experience can be gained from the content management. To that end, Infopark offers a platform that provides responsive content for differing target groups and establishes long-term customer relationships with optimized customer experience management. By means of a modern personalization of website content you can improve conversion rates, customer bonding and cross-selling and up-selling.

Content Management for Modern Websites

CDN, analytics and cloud setup for a powerful CMS.

Success Factor: Customer Relationship Management

Combines efficiency, reachability and simplicity.

Mobile Websites & Responsive Design

User experience, performance and SEO for mobile websites.

Usability and Testing for Successful Websites

Clear structures for optimal conversion rates.

User Experience: Design and Purpose

Design + performance + SEO = optimal UX.

Social Media: Linked to Target Groups

Connect up with various target groups through interaction.

Content Marketing: Leads through Relevant Content

Optimize the interface between SEO and content and bond customers.

SEO: Increase Website Visibility

Only high placements mean real traffic and economic success.

Personalization: Realtime and Targeting

Personalized content for a successful customer experience.

E-mail Marketing: Personally Address Target Groups

Effective e-mail marketing increases sales, reach and customer satisfaction.

Fast websites through optimal load distribution and loading times.