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Dialogue in the web. Mastering the challenges.

Solutions: Dialogue in the web: mastering the challenges.
Only a permanent positive user experience makes web applications successful. All business relevant processes have to be integrated into the website so that a personalized user experience can be gained from the content management. To that end, Infopark offers a platform that provides responsive content for differing target groups and establishes long-term customer relationships with optimized customer experience management. By means of a modern personalization of website content you can improve conversion rates, customer bonding and cross-selling and up-selling.

Content management for modern websites

Content management can do more than simply administer content  – rich-media management, analytics and a cloud setup are all part of a powerful CMS.

Content marketing: Relevant leads

With content marketing you reach target groups, bond customers and generate leads  – Infopark supports you at the interface between SEO and content.

Mobile websites & responsive design

The mobile website is a powerful marketing instrument. Infopark combines user experience, performance and SEO in the mobile optimization.

Usability and testing for success

A website's user-friendliness has an important impact on the conversion rate. Clear structures are the focus of usability.

User experience: Design and purpose

A permanent positive user experience is, in the end, what makes web applications successful. Infopark combines design, performance and SEO to the optimal UX.

Social media: Network with target groups

Social business means not only reaching a target group, but also being linked with it through communication and interaction.

Personalization: Realtime and targeting

Infopark supports personalized content through realtime targeting. Learn more about the personalization success factor here.

Personalized E-mail marketing   

Effective e-mail marketing increases sales, reach and customer satisfaction. Infopark combines effective WebCRM, flexible delivery forms and feedback.

Customer relationship management

Durchdachtes customer relationship management combines efficiency, accessibility and simplicity. Infopark implements your optimal WebCRM.

SEO: Increasing web visibility

Search engine optimization assures that customers find your website in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Infopark advises you comprehensively on the subject of SEO.

Fast websites through optimal load distribution and loading times.