Content Management for Modern Websites

CDN, analytics and cloud setup for a powerful  CMS.

Handle web content easily: Content management

Not only publishing houses and editorial staff have found their way into the age of content management. Every company has to be able to take care of its content on its own in this day and age. After all, information is the currency of the digital age and concepts such as data mining, knowledge management, data warehouse or the "learning" organization are becoming increasingly important. 

To be able to keep up with the amazing pace of the development of information management, and to stay competitive, companies need a future-oriented content management system (CMS). 

From the intuitive use through the available interfaces to the security - Infopark provides a high-performance and scalable solution that is designed to meet the demands of the 21st century - Fiona CMS.

Scrivito - Ruby on Rails CMS in the cloud.

Why a powerful content management system is so important

If you are in the position to manage your content quickly and smoothly, you are also in a position to prepare and offer it to varying target groups. But content management has to be able to do more. It must be able to support and guarantee every phase of the content lifecycle from the generation of content to the organization, preparation and distribution of the content to the use of content. And the innovative pace of the Internet constantly presents content management with new challenges.

Web projects are becoming more complex, new technologies are developed and interfaces have to be made. These factors make a powerful CMS even more important. These high-performance technologies have to combine an intuitive usability for the editors and a modern customer experience management for the users. After all, it is the end-user that consumes the digital content.

Advantages of content management for companies

  • With a content management system you can easily change and update the content n your websites at any time.
  • E-Commerce, content targeting, social media, rich-media management, analytics and much more can be integrated in the content management system.
  • With widgets, additional functions can be added quickly and put to use immediately.
  • Multi-language versions of a website or multi-sites can be administered with little effort.
  • Timely, uncomplicated editing and administration of content saves time and costs.
  • With the integration of the customer relationship management into the content management you can accelerate your reaction time and increase customer satisfaction.
Handle Web Content Easily: CMS Fiona7.

Methods of cloud management – local or cloud-based

In principle, there are two possibilities available for the integration of a content management system: A local content management or a cloud-based solution. The advantages of the cloud-based infrastructure are, amongst others, a reduction of the development time and the resultant quicker realization of campaigns.

Together, we decide which variation is best suited to your website and that serves as the cornerstone for future content management. Infopark supports you right from the start in the integration of a professional content management system that equally satisfies the demands of the editors as well as those of the website visitors.

Content management with the right system

Your CMS has to combine high-performance technologies with an intuitive usability for the editors and a modern customer experience management for the users. The Infopark technologies master this perfectly and can be easily adapted to your requirements.