Content Marketing: Leads through Relevant Content

Optimize the interface between SEO and content and bond customers.

Generating leads in the web: Content marketing

Blog contributions instead of newspaper advertisement, YouTube videos instead of advertising brochures - there is no stopping the digital transformation of the advertising landscape. Many companies have recognized the opportunities of content marketing and offer their customers relevant and useful content instead of product-centered advertising. 

The benefits of target-group specific content have been proven in numerous studies. According to the B2B Technology Content Survey Report 2014 by Eccolo Media, relevant content plays an increasingly important role in the entire sales cycle.

But content marketing isn't just an important instrument in the immediate sale. With a well thought-out content strategy, search engine ratings can be improved, the reader's time spent on the website extended and return rate improved and leads generated.

Customers become brand ambassadors, interested parties become interested readers, a community can develop. With web analytics, the results can be evaluated at any time and activities adapted to customer needs quickly. That is why content marketing at Infopark is always a process supported by technology, but a creative one as well.

Why content marketing is important for companies

Companies did not just start providing customers with content yesterday. What the marketer now refers to as content marketing was already being employed by innovative companies at the beginning of the 20th century. Who is not familiar with the Guide Michelin, which first appeared as a guide for motorists to find garages and nowadays is published as a restaurant and travel guide. the tire manufacturer grew from being a pure producer to a publisher to gain trust and to positively influence their image.

Beyond that, content marketing is a suitable instrument for both gaining new customers and bonding existing customers, for distinguishing yourself from competitors, for conquering new areas of business - and for increasing sales. Web users look for relevant and high-quality information in the flood of web messages. Companies that use content marketing provide web users with precisely that.

Advantages of content marketing for companies

  • Content marketing and SEO are an unbeatable team - search engines prefer websites with relevant content.
  • Up-to-date content assures readers return and increases the time they stay on the website.
  • If the target group receives relevant content, the image of the company improves and the customer dialogue is intensified.
  • The target group can be broken down into segments so that differing content formats and subjects can be published for the specific needs.
  • Trust is established: Interaction rates and conversion are increased.
  • The company establishes a sustainable status as an expert and becomes an opinion leader in the network.
Infopark's Web Services

From strategy to seeding

To complete all the activities cost effectively, the content marketing is performed in phases and is a constant cycle of actions and success analysis. Based on the definition of the own business and the corporate goals, a content marketing strategy is developed including the relevant set of keywords.

In the strategy phase, the target group is defined very precisely, so-called buyer personas are developed. In the content production, the editors create relevant copy, images, graphics and videos. But not only the classical format such as blogs, magazines and such are considered - online quizzes or Facebook contests are selected that match your target group.

After publication, the content is scattered in the network whereby the channels are also selected according to the target group. The cycle is concluded with the monitoring of the figures, the course can be continuously improved. This makes content marketing significantly more effective and sustainable than classical advertising.

Content marketing with the Infopark CMS

Infopark supports you in your content marketing strategy and simplifies the workflow for marketers and editors with the easy handling of the CMS.