Success Factor: Customer Relationship Management 

Combines efficiency, reachability and simplicity.

Dialogue in the web: Customer relationship

Relationships mark our entire lives - and therefore the working world as well. Whether it is medicine, media or technology, in every sector companies strive to develop long-term customer relationships. That is no wonder - winning new customers is significantly more cost-intensive than is the bonding of existing customers.

Customer relationship management has therefore become a fixed element of a growth-oriented corporate culture. In the years 2012 and 2013 alone, the corporate application of such systems grew from 56 to 74 percent according to the results of a recent study. 

And modern CRM is not restricted to simply compiling and analyzing transactions and customer data. Companies that seek a long-term and professional dialogue in the web are successful. Infopark follows this principle and combines analytical, operative and communicative customer relationship management into a professional web customer relationship management (WebCRM). 

The CRM market and the demand for permanent customer care associated with this by customers is constantly growing. If you wish to increase revenue and customer satisfaction in the long term, you have to adapt to this development.

CRM - Easy way to manage your customer data.

That is why customer relationship management is so important

With regard to customer relationship management, German companies are truly pioneers. According to a survey by the Statistischen Bundesamtes (Federal Statistical Office of Germany), every fourth company with 10 or more employees uses a modern CRM software. Their potential availability, universal benefit and personal contact is almost unlimited. 

Being online means being in the game - this common knowledge is especially important for day-to-day business - customers can be reached around the clock in the Internet. A permanent relationship with the customer therefore begins at precisely that point. If you want to be a part of the game on a permanent basis, you have to be in a position to provide personalized information quickly and automatically along suitable channels to the right recipient.  

A manual and subsequently successful implementation is extremely difficult with an increasing number of customers. This and the establishment of the web as a part of our daily lives demands real and professional management.

Advantages of professional customer relationship management

  • Access all available customer data - including connections in your CMS - corporate-wide with a tailored WebCRM. 
  • Analyze queries and comments thanks to a combined content management and deal with your customers pro-actively .
  • Integrate all your communication channels and increase your long-term customer bonding.
  • Manage widely varying queries easily thanks to support case database, status overview and ticketing.
  • Administrate participants, feedback and follow-up with one channel - that way you can keep track of things even with a large number of customers.

With the customer to success - long-term customer relationship management

How do you integrate WebCRM sustainably into your corporate structure? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the various categories of customer management. Analytics CRM concentrates on the analysis of transaction and customer data. This contrasts with operative and communicative CRM.

The former takes the analytically obtained CRM data, determines its use and then follows up in the operations. The communicative CRM represents the customer contact points. This then results in the various communication channels. This means that the larger a company is, the more essential is the work of a management system.

Customer data always has to be available throughout the entire company. The same applies for the customer history. In combination with an intelligent content management, visitor actions and queries can be analyzed and commented on - making customer relationship management into a corporate cooperative effort.

The targeted integration of all the relevant communication channels also increases customer bonding. If the WebCRM is used consistently, it will result in corporate success - including customer bonding, sales and an increased presence in the market.

CRM with Infopark

Together, we determine with you which WEBCRM measures are best suited for your business. Infopark supports you here with your professional customer relationship management and accompanies you from the initial idea to the realization of your individual WebCRM.