E-mail Marketing: Personally Address Target Groups 

Effective e-mail marketing increases sales, reach and customer satisfaction.

Address target groups personally: E-mail marketing

From a skeptical communication amateur to the  global allrounder: Nowadays, electronic mail is a fixed part of successful companies' repertoires. The technology market research organization, The Radicati Group estimates that over 112.5 billion business e-mails were sent and received everyday in 2015. 

The importance of e-mail in competing for customers and profit, however, goes well beyond plain old online correspondence. E-mail-based advertising campaigns are currently amongst the most efficient marketing instruments - and that is not only from the companies' perspective. According to a recent study, about one-third of all customers would recommend that companies invest significantly more time and money in effective e-mail marketing.

The future is online - if companies want to be consistently successful, they will have to adapt to this development. Effective e-mail marketing should fulfill certain criteria; this will make a long-term marketing tool out of a simple means of communication. It is precisely here that Infopark begins, combining customer communication, handling newsletters and compiling feedback to a holistic web customer relationship management (WebCRM). 

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Why E-mail marketing is so important for companies

Mails all over: 91 percent of all consumers and customers check their online mailbox every day according to a current study. The worldwide and dominant presence of electronic communication offers unimaginable opportunities. Customer bonding and management begin with surfing the Internet and checking one's e-mail.

Awareness, consideration, conversion – the magic formula of marketing holds true here as well. A personalized subject line in a marketing e-mail is just as effective as a rebate or the invitation to an event. Beyond that, the online affinity of many customers demands a new understanding of the company's own communication - how can this efficiency be implemented in the company's e-mail marketing?

Personalized e-mails always have to be tailored to the company's target group. In this way relevant corporate and product information can be effectively transmitted long-term and in a targeted manner. It is particularly important that e-mail marketing and the measurement of success go hand-in-hand. In that way, the activities can constantly be adapted to the needs of both the customers and potential customers.

After all, e-mail marketing is more than just an instrument for increasing sales: Targeted e-mails signal a constant interest on the own customers and displays the company's competence in their particular field. Ideally, effective e-mail marketing leads to increased traffic, greater customer contact and higher sales.

Advantages of professional E-mail marketing

  • With tailor-made, location-based e-mail marketing, you prove your expertise and commitment to the customer.
  • Your company's name recognition increases: Regular mailings and their original content lead to significantly higher traffic. 
  • Thanks to professional management systems the efficiency in operative customer relationship management increases.
  • Regular mailings increase customer satisfaction and are one of the least expensive and most effective marketing measures.

Fostering and caring for customers – opportunities in e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing activities can in general be performed manually -  a good e-mail program is sufficient. This approach is, however, accompanied by some risks. Along with a poor overview, marketing leads can often be overlooked and the e-mail inbox overloaded. Databases with volumes of customer data frequently turn manually generated, personalized e-mails into erroneous actions without any obvious effect.

By contrast, a professional system permanently relieves your staff of the workload and increases effective marketing activities. The web customer relationship management makes compiling and managing sensitive customer data easy. In addition, it makes personalized marketing activities - tailored to the segment and target group - easy to perform online.

A subsequent measuring of the success of the marketing makes the impact clear and aids in improving the own measures. Together, we will determine with you which individual measures are best suited for your company.

Infopark supports you in your professional e-mail marketing and advises you from the realization of your ideas to sales-increasing activities.

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E-mail marketing with the right system

Personalized e-mails must be tailored to the company's target group. In that way, relevant corporate and product information can be transmitted effectively long-term and in a targeted manner. This can be accomplished intuitively and reliably with Infopark's WebCRM.