Mobile Websites & Responsive Design

User experience, performance and SEO for mobile websites.

Make content usable for mobiles: Mobile & responsive

That companies have to take part in the digital transformation so as to be able to bond customers as well as generate new ones is common knowledge. But digitalization goes well beyond the company's website. More and more frequently, mobile end-devices are replacing classical desktop PCs.

According to data from the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW), 63 percent of the daily Internet users use a smartphone to surf, only 57 percent are desktop PC users. The future is mobile - and innovative companies have to keep up with this development.

To serve as a marketing instrument and not just a business card, the mobile website has to fulfill a lot of criteria. That is why Infopark always combines performance, SEO optimization and use experience for the greatest possible benefit.

Mobile Websites & Responsive Design

Why the mobile website is so important for companies

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets offers companies great potential that was not even imaginable several years ago. The customer journey frequently begins with surfing on the smartphone. At the same time, however, the dynamics of the Internet also demand a new urgency, a greater reactivity in the digital age.

What does that mean for marketing? Relevant product and corporate information have to be made available to the user without restrictions and without delay. Interested parties and customers can be reached anywhere and at any time, the company's competence and leadership communicated, and customers' interest piqued. If you don't provide your customers with a mobile website, you risk the negative user experience being transferred to the company.

Beyond that, the mobile website can and should contain such data and functions that are helpful to the mobile usage. That reinforces the user experience and increases the length of the visit to the mobile website - an important factor for the search engine ranking as well. Google has been checking since the initial Penguin update in 2012 if websites also provide an optimized version for mobile devices. Since the mobile-friendly update in April 2015, websites optimized for the mobile web are given preference in mobile search results in every language around the world.

Advantages of mobile websites for companies

  • With mobile websites, you can reach your customers everywhere and all the time; the reach of your online presence increases dramatically.
  • The success in the Internet increases; better reachability of the website results in significantly higher conversion rates.
  • Thanks to new web standards, customers can also use content offline by setting a bookmark.
  • SEO activities can be implemented more efficiently and more successfully; mobily optimized websites are given preference in the search results by search engines 
Mobile Websites & Responsive Design

Mobile or responsive – opportunities for the mobile website

There are basically two ways to implement a mobile website: A separate mobile version or responsive web design. While with the separate variation, a mobile website is developed and operated in parallel with the desktop version, websites in responsive design are constructed in a manner that adapts the navigation and content flexibly to the specific end-device.

Operating elements are scaled, images shrunken or enlarged in accordance with the resolution, the layout is modified. For an optimal presentation of the mobile content, the user's mobile browser looks for the suitable CSS styles - programming and maintenance of an additional website is not necessary.

Mobile websites may, thanks to separate programming, be adapted to contain additional content so that relevant mobile information can be displayed. Furthermore, mobile sites can be specially optimized with regard to arrangement, loading speed and navigation. Together we decide which variation is best suited for you and set the course for your corporate success in the mobile web.

Infopark advises you comprehensively about your mobile website and supports you in the realization from the definition of needs to the turnkey project.

Mobile sites with the Infopark CMS

Together we determine which mobile strategy is best suited for your business. For the implementation we apply the Infopark content management system that creates professional, mobily optimized websites.

Mobile Websites & Responsive Design