Personalization: Realtime and Targeting

Personalized content for a successful customer experience.

From big data to realtime: Personalization

The web is constantly changing. That could mean that companies are threatened with falling beyond the curve with their websites and web applications. Many companies are still employing outdated web strategies.

For instance, in the past marketing campaigns or elements of customer experience were rarely personalized. One example of this is static content on a website; regardless of what kind of user visits the site, the content remains the same. Potential customers that visit the website for the first time and returning customers are treated exactly the same and not addressed individually.

The consequence? Many potential customers do not feel attracted to the static content. The long-term disadvantages for companies are clear: Lower customer bonding due to non-personalized content and marketing activities, a lack of information due to a failure to use big data and realtime targeting as well as significantly more effort because of a lack of automation of marketing measures.

Such websites and web applications waste a lot of potential due to a lack of personalized content. The modern, efficient and future-proof solution for successful web applications is the personalization of content. 


Social media with the right strategy
Social media with the right strategy
Social media with the right strategy

Why personalization of content is becoming increasingly important

Users enjoy personalized content. One example of modern personalization of content is based on geolocalization. On the basis of the location, visitors to a website can be presented with suitable articles or be informed of events.

Additional applications for the personalization of content take into consideration the knowledge gained from customer experience and the customer journey. The analysis of the click behavior and knowing if a visitor accesses the site from a PC, smartphone or tablet provides important information for the automatic personalization of web content.

The automatic analysis of all the information - big data - in conjunction with the use of a plausible logic significantly improves the customer experience and results in better conversion rates. Furthermore, with one additional step, existing customers can be bound to a company with personalized content.

Important advantages of personalizing content 

  • The customer experience can be significantly improved thanks to personalized content on the basis of the location.
  • The realtime targeting allows for the personalization of content through the analysis of the click behavior along the customer journey or the kind of access with a desktop PC or through mobile devices. This increases the success of personalized content for the various target groups with differing needs.
  • Big data provides information for the consideration of the customer journey of the specific target groups. Subsequently, optimal multi-channel campaigns can be conducted; interested parties and customers prefer personalized content to general content.
  • The technical solution of personalization allows for the uncomplicated analysis of all the relevant parameters and adjustment in realtime.
  • Personalized content of marketing activities increases customer bonding and the success of cross-selling and up-selling.

How to effectively include realtime targeting

With the modern personalization of websites and web applications, anonymous users of the web application and returning users become a face through the information that is transmitted. If personalized content is provided on the basis of this information, the conversion rates, the customer bonding and cross-selling and up-selling improve. 

Thanks to technical solutions, content is automatically displayed on the basis of a web strategy and a well-conceived logic of the analysis. Beyond that, the interaction of editing, marketing, IT and customer experience management improves markedly because the relevant information can be collected and is readily accessible. In that way, content can be planned and compiled.

The customer focus with personalization is the modern and future-oriented solution for websites, web applications and effective customer experience management.

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Better CX with personalization

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