SEO: Increase Website Visibility

Only high placements mean real traffic and economic success.

Be found by Google, Bing and Yahoo: SEO

Customers prefer to use the Internet to inform themselves about companies and to make contact with them, but also for the entire customer relationship. With a worldwide market share of more than 70 percent, Google is the first choice for finding information followed, at some distance, by Yahoo and Bing that each have a market share of about nine percent.

In the Internet there are many opportunities to gain new customers and manage the relationship to existing customers by means of a comprehensive dialogue through the web.  A prerequisite is, however, that the website as well as the offers and the communication channels can be found by Internet users.

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is the key to increased visibility in the Internet. Be it Google, Yahoo or Bing - websites are listed according to the relevant search words, resulting in increased click rates, but also in corporate success. One of Infopark's core competences is consulting in the field of search engine optimization.

Why companies should apply search engine optimization

The number one source of information for customers is the Internet. According to studies on purchasing behavior, more than 90 percent of customers conduct research online before they make a purchasing decision - and that is increasingly also true for products and services that are high-priced or require sales consulting. In their searches, however, users tend to concentrate primarily on the first page of results and here even only on the results in the upper part according to an eye-tracking study conducted for the Search Engine Marketing Team of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. 

Nowadays, to be able to obtain customers, companies have to be listed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search engine optimization is essential. And the higher your website appears in the  SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), the more traffic your company will generate.

The visibility of your website can be improved with the aid of SEO; the optimized website is listed by the relevant search engines under the relevant search terms and will generate more visitors. And in comparison to classical marketing activities such as print or TV advertising, SEO activities have a long-lasting marketing effect.

On-page & Off-page: Search engine optimization actions

Search engine optimization is generally divided into two areas: Actions on the website itself and those that occur in the surroundings of the specific homepage. The aim of the on-page optimization is to improve the relevant keywords on the website. This should always be preceded by an analysis of the target group and the competition so as to be able to develop a recommendable keyword strategy.

Based on this keyword set, the contents and the structure of the website are optimized. With this optimization the focus should not only be on the keywords of the content, but also on the benefit for the target group, because Google, Bing and Yahoo honor relevant and high-quality content with good rankings.

In contrast to this are those actions that are performed for the surroundings of the specific website - the so-called off-page optimization. One primary aspect considered here is the link-building; the more external links your website can show, the more relevant search engines rank it in the search results. The search engine optimization actions can be implemented in the creation or management of the website with the aid of a content management system.

Advantages of search engine optimization

  • Websites that have been optimized for search engines obtain a better ranking at Google, Bing and Yahoo. The visibility in the Internet increases.
  • A higher visibility results in greater reach and traffic increases on the page. SEO is therefore a proven tool for acquiring new customers.
  • More visitors to the website result in increased sales. 
  • Companies can distinguish themselves from the competition with good search engine rankings. 
Infopark knows how to level up your project.

Focus on the user: Direct search engine optimization at customer needs

Although a good ranking is important, search engine optimization should always be in tune with the needs of the target group. Otherwise, the users will leave the website after a first glance because they did not find the content they were looking for.

The goal of search engine optimization should therefore always be to generate qualified traffic. The SEO strategy and actions should always be tailored precisely to the target group. Those are the website visitors that have the potential to be converted into long-term customers.

Beyond that, search engines continue to develop their ranking logarithms; users should receive the best results to their queries. If you want to get a good ranking in a search engine you have to provide useful, informative, entertaining and convincing content with added value.

Good SEO strategies through good CMS

Whether with a relaunch or the design of a new website - together with our customers, we develop optimal SEO strategies and support you in the realization of the relevant measures.