Social Media: Linked to Target Groups

Connect up with various target groups through interaction.

Connect with target groups: Social media

Many companies still treat social media with kid gloves. Indeed, many sectors have their difficulties with digitalization in general. Social media is hardly considered relevant and if it is, then only with a low budget and with sub-optimal content. Because the priorities of the business processes are frequently focussed only on the corporate core competences, the impact of social media is not considered to be either positive or negative.

The problem with that thinking is that digitalization is marching onwards and social media are changing the manner of collaboration and communication in business life both for the long term and across sectors. Companies that ignore social media will lose out to the competition. Social business is becoming ever more important and companies have realized its potential. According to the 2015 Social Business Vendor Benchmark from the Experton Group, German companies spent about 1.2 billion euros for social business services and products in 2013. Studies estimate expenditures of 7.8 billion euros for 2019.

Infopark advises and supports companies effectively in the comprehensive implementation of social business.

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Why social media is advantageous for companies

Social media activities can be a free element of a company's digital marketing strategy that makes an unbelievably high reach possible.  By spreading through multipliers in the social networks, messages gain credibility. A user's trust in personal networks is greater than in advertising.

Communication with the customer via social media also has the advantage of flexibility. Companies can react to customer queries, evaluations or other news at any time - reaction times are short. The interaction between companies and customers is the greatest strength of social media. And customers communicate with one another about products or the company and respond to questions or solve problems amongst themselves.

Overall, social business increases the competitiveness of the company by targeted networking of the company with target groups. Social business changes structures both inside and outside of the company; if units were previously isolated from one another in the company and communication with customers formerly was only unidirectional, the tendency in social business is to more intensive collaboration between the departments and networking between customers and the company.

Advantages of social media for companies

  • Greater flexibility and reach: Customers can contact the company around the clock via social networks, companies can react quickly.
  • Gaining customers: Customers trust personal networks over advertising.
  • Customer bonding: Social networks allow for direct interaction with the customer, social business generates a dialogue amongst the customers.
  • Editing, marketing, customer management: Individual departments are no longer isolated from one another, but collaborate more intensively.

How companies make themselves future-proof with social media 

Social business means all the business activities that are aimed at connecting people, resources and information outside of the company with one another by means of social software, social media and user-generated content.

In this manner, for instance, editors can be relieved of tasks in that online communication elements are integrated into the website allowing for contact to the company. Web applications and cloud solutions are the technological keys on the way to social business.

Beyond using the corresponding tools, companies also have to apply an effective social media marketing. Both the internal as well as the external communication must be efficiently connected with one another. This makes the companies' content and the companies' themselves attractive in the long run.

With effective social media marketing, companies will be able to profit from the digitalization of the business world, collaborate effectively as well as communicate and connect with the target group in manner oriented toward the future.

Social media with the right strategy
Social media with the right strategy

Social media with the right strategy

Social business increases the competitiveness of the company by connecting the company with the target groups. Infopark shows you the right strategies for your social business.