User Experience: Design and Purpose

Design + performance + SEO = optimal UX.

Design and purpose: User experience

Innovative design, well thought-out design: The benchmark for return on investment (ROI) for a content management system is generally set using old parameters. The latest web developments, however, indicate that whoever is involved in the (re)design of web-shops and CMS should under no circumstances underestimate the user experience (UX) for their product.

The results of the most recent studies show that about 31 percent of the total web traffic is now being conducted on mobile devices. The importance of customer experience ranges well beyond the mobile usage however. Companies whose platforms have long loading times have to reckon with losing up to 75 percent of their customers at peak times. Three out of four customers then turn to stable and competing websites. 

The future is user-oriented - the design of individual applications aims at the positive experience of a user with a particular product. To be successful, companies have to keep up with this development. An online product has to fulfill many criteria to assure that the UX remains sustainable. It is at this interface between personalization, design and technology that Infopark makes its mark.  

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Why the user experience is so important for your company

The increasing integration of online applications in day-to-day life is both a challenge and an opportunity for companies. The user experience commences at the moment the visitor calls up the specific online application. In addition, the UX also interacts with various indicators.

What does this mean for the (re)design of CMS and web applications? One of the most important indicators of a positive user experience is the so-called utility; in this regard companies should ask themselves how high the subjective benefit of their functions and content is for the target group they are aiming at.

Beyond that, the so-called accessibility indicates how the loading time and performance of the specific website is perceived by the users. Equally important questions are: Is the offer suited for different end-devices? For instance, is it mobile-friendly?

Just as essential to good UX is the so-called usability. The company must assure that the user reaches his/her goal both effectively and efficiently. Brand promise and esthetics are the remaining UX parameters. The optics of the applications always have to be attractive. Furthermore, the offer also has to fulfill the brand promise and therefore the expectations of the user.

Advantages of a positive user experience for your company

  • Thanks to a positive user experience, your company forms long-term bonds with its customers; the range of your presence constantly increases.
  • With a positive UX, your users stay on your website significantly longer and can increase both your revenues as well as your customer interaction.
  • A user-oriented CMS also assures that your staff identifies with your web presence - so you motivate your entire company.
  • User wishes and ideas can be realized significantly faster and more efficiently, i.e. more successfully.
  • UX-optimized websites are preferred by search engines in the search results
From design to Internet appearance - the opportunities for user experience

From design to Internet appearance - the opportunities for user experience

A positive user experience is always based on an in-depth understanding of a company's customers. This is referred to as user-centered design or the customer relationship. For the implementation of the UX in terms of the user-friendliness, the company should take advantage of professional support. Only in this way can the user experience advance from a frequently underestimated footnote to a chapter in the company's album of success.

Thanks to a profound UX strategy with a clear page structure whose simple navigation also works on mobile end-devices, web applications convince customers and visitors. This approach triggers the user's attention and awakens his/her interest with the technology, benefits, references and product searches.

In this manner, a positive user experience also fulfills the requirements of the web activity cycle. Product comparisons, application reports as well as an appealing system presentation result in the user's desire and the subsequent action. Be it a purchase, a registration or a subscription - if the user experience is satisfactory, a company can permanently grow and gain popularity.

User experience with the right strategy

Infopark supports you as a specialist for websites and web application development. Together with you, we jointly develop a web strategy for the best user experience for your business model.