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Cloud CMS as basis for Alexa skill

Customer: Nuremberg Airport

The Albrecht Dürer Airport in Nuremberg is the international airport for metropolitan Nuremberg and Bavaria's second largest airport. Operated by the Flughafen Nürnberg GmbH, the airport handles 3.4 million passengers a year. Non-stop flights take off to about 50 German and European destinations such as  Palma de Mallorca and Paris Charles de Gaulle. Charter flights also service vacation resorts outside Europe. The airport has been awarded the prestigious "Business Traveller Award“ several times as the best German airport and constantly works to improve the quality of service. Personal service for every passenger is the focus.

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Alexa, ask Nuremberg Airport what the status of Lufthansa 2158 is?

Alexa, ask Nuremberg Airport, What flights are there to London tomorrow?

Alexa, ask Nuremberg Airport: Where can I eat?

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Project: Alexa skill

To provide travelers with a convenient access to current information about their flight and other airport services, Infopark, in cooperation with Amazon, implemented Alexa Skill for the airport.

With the Nuremberg Airport Skill and Alexa language service, passengers can now obtain information about Albrecht Dürer Airport easily via speech recognition. Whether traveler or guest, users of Amazon Echo products can access important information directly via speech control and that at any time day or night. 

Users can query a mixture of general information and live updates about current flights.


The Infopark Consulting Team implemented the new solution with the Alexa Sillls Kit using the AWS Developer Console and in close cooperation with Amazon's Alexa experts. To accomplish this they applied an agile project management approach. In the "interaction model" the development team first defined the so-called intents and utterances as possible topics that Alexa users might ask about. They then implemented the Ruby on Rials endpoint that controls the audio response with the corresponding information.

Static responses such as "Where can I eat?" or "Is there wifi?" can be easily entered by the airport CMS editors as CMS objects in the cloud CMS Scrivito. Dynamic flight information, for instance arrival and departure information, is called up directly from a live database.

To make the new skill possible, the  Professional Services Team provided the CMS content from the airport website using an interface to the machine issue in other applications in connection with Natural Language Processing (NLP). The intelligent AWS cloud technology from Amazon by the name of Lex - and the basis of Alexa - uses deep learning functions and automated speech recognition and can therefore understand aven varying user queries.

statistics provided by Amazon Interface help the Nuremberg Airport in the analysis and future optimization of the new skills -  so as to further increase the passengers' customer satisfaction.

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