Development Tcl


First of all the participants receive a comprehensive introduction to the Tcl script language, including specific extensions for Infopark's CMS. Building upon this basic knowledge, the participants learn how to create and use functions to simplify and accelerate the handling and release processes.



  • Target group: Staff responsible for the optimization of editorial working processes.
  • Objective: After the training the participants will be able to expand templates and fields in Infopark's CMS with additional functions. Beyond that they will be able to write scripts and call them up from layouts as well as simplify working processes with system procedures.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge from the Layout training would be helpful for participating in this training. Competence in the editing system is required. The participants should have knowledge of another script language such as PHP or Perl.


  • Introduction to the Tcl script language
  • CMS-specific Tcl commands
  • Tcl command liene interface
  • Functions in templates and fields
    • Value display function
    • Value allocation function
    • Creation check
    • Workflow allocation function
    • Version allocation function
    • Completeness check
“Extremely competent and profound knowledge, covered all the areas. Trainers deal with questions and problems; every problem was solved.”
Dr. Joachim Schiedt, Oestreicher + Wagner Medientechnik GmbH

“Very competent and rhetorically skilled trainers.”
Xenia Miedreich, PEPPERMIND - Digital Business Design

“The trainers have an excellent knowledge across the entire range of subjects (Rails, Ruby). Good communication.”
Christopher Eggert, TWT Interactive GmbH

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