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#Grill.RB #Grill.JS @ Wroclaw

Infopark and Scrivito supported the Grill.RB and Grill.JS event this year again.

The Grill.RB event took place on the 10 - 11 of August 2018.

Ruby on Rails developers from all over Poland arrived to this event and it was a great opportunity for us to exchange our knowledge and experience with them.

The following weekend we attended the Grill.JS event where several speakers were talking about various aspects of JavaScript.

Our newest content management system Scrivito was one of the supporters and our CTO Thomas Witt contributed a talk to the Grill.JS event about "Mastering CORS in complex JavaScript-based applications".

Apart from talks there was also a nice barbecue for us at both events.

We're glad to be part of the community of the Grill.RB/Grill.JS and we are looking forward to the upcoming events

Here some photos!

2nd round of Infopark @ Grill JS & Grill RB 2018 @ Wroclaw

We’re happy to announce that we will be for the second time a supporter of the local events Grill JS & Grill Ruby @ Wroclaw

Here are the dates:

Grill.RB will take place on the 11-12 August 2018

Grill.JS will take place on the 18-19 August 2018

We are not only gonna be supporter, also our Co-Founder of Scrivito Thomas Witt will give there a talk next to other great speakers.

We are more than excited for these upcoming events!

For everyone who is interested to join there are still some tickets available!

Here a little throwback of last year

Breslau Grill Scrivito 7

Sponsoring of the DevOps Meetup with Pizza & Beer @ Wroclaw

20180418 181705

On the 18th of April 2018 Infopark had the honour to sponsor the DevOps Wroclaw Meetup which took place at the office of the software company Monterail.

Dmitry Kudelko and Mateusz Kosztuowski gave the audience a little insight of their current projects.As a sponsor of the Event we also had an opportunity to introduce ourselves-This was done by Maria Völcker who was talking about Life @ Infopark and also about our newest content management system Scrivito.

After the presentations the crowd enjoyed pizza and beer courtesy of their new friends at Infopark.

Euprio Conference Sevilla 2018

Euprio is the assocation of higher education in Europe.

Their goal is to encourage and promote collaboration and partnership between European institutions of higher education and research in the field of communications.

Also, to make universities aware of their current challenges in a constant changing digital age in order to market themselves to young people.

About 300 people signed up this year for the conference which took place in June 2018.

In addition, our CEO Bernd Völcker had the honour to hold there a talk showing he participants how to build a digital strategy in a few easy steps.


download 1

Scrivito goes to the USA

In February 2018 our newest content management system Scrivito was launched.

In order to help  market it to world wide, we decided that America will be the best starting point for it.

One of our highlights was the #SWSX ( South by Southwest) @ Austin, Texas.SWSX is a massive two week conference that covers  music, film and of course, everything that hot in the world of today's technology.

At SWSX Scrivito co-hosted a wildly succesful founders & entreprenuers networking event a Buffalo Billiards overlooking the main drag on the 6th Street where all the action was.

In addition, our US Director of Marketing Douglas Patten attended several more Meetups helping spreading the word about Scrivito and the advantages of a 100% maintenance free CMS.

For more information about Scrivito click on the link below!

Boarding @ Infopark - From Wroclaw to Berlin

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Infopark is actively looking for new teammates! We have job postings on all the unusual sites as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and others.These opportunity will be for our office in the beautiful citiy of Wroclaw!

But what will your  journey @ Infopark look like once you get hired ?

Once you are hired you will get the chance to live in Berlin for up up three months to ensure a quick settlement into our  team!

Wroclaw and Berlin are close but its still its a distance so its really for us that you spend time with the other members of the team in the home office while you get acquainted with the team, the product and how we work.

To make your arrival in Berlin as smooth as possible, we take care of getting you set up with a place to stay and cover the costs as well so you can focus on more important things.

On your first day, we will issue you a Macbook Pro and show you all other items you will need to not only suceed, but be the rock star you really are!

Throwback of our HR tour @ Wroclaw - Part I

Since we have an office in Wroclaw now, we have been spending quite a bit of time, there because of the fantastic IT events and all the wonderful that attend them.

Here is a very quick summary for you.

In March 2018 our CTO Thomas Witt contributed a speech to the  local Meetup group React.js about "The JavaScript web development revolution - how serverless computing and reactjs is going to change web development".

The event was organized by the local software engineer Michal Zalecki who has been hosting these react.js meetups for quite a while.

After the presentations, there was time for networking and meeting some of the fantastic attendees.

IMG 3892 2

Throwback of our HR Tour @ Wroclaw - Part II

Meetups were not the only place you could find Infopark over the past months, we also attended several HR events such as Meetnight, Code Europe, Career Expo and the Academic Job Fair.

Every event took place at a different location, so this also gave us the ability to get to know Wroclaw better!

Additionally, we also contributed to the HR events some interesting tech talks our software developer David Császár held a talk about "Testing a Website with TestCafe".

Overall, the meetups gave us the possibility to support the local tech community, get to know the local developers, and to increase our brand awareness.

Image uploaded from iOS  16

Christmas Party @ Wroclaw

IMG 3291

There has been quite a bit of research lately about what makes people happy at work and how companies who invest in employee satisfaction enjoy a higher level of productivity and sucess.

Within smaller companies its easier to maintain personal relationships, but it can be a very different situation with large companies

As we are company of 100+ people with three offices on two separate continents, so as you can imaging, can be a challenge.

Personal relationships within the whole company is one of our top priorities.Therefore we regularly organize regular social events for our team.

2017 we organized a Christmas trip to Wroclaw for our whole team including a overnight stay at the Sofitel, Wroclaw  to discover the Christmas market and get everyone into the holiday spirit.